Upgrade your concessions and merchandising to the new standard of convenience.

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Upgrade your concessions and merchandising to the new standard of convenience.

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Welcome to the future of ordering, serving, and engaging with your guests. Partake’s technology provides venues to connect sales, operations, and customers from one comprehensive platform.

Our platform enables your operations and employees to connect with customers through multiple avenues including:

  • Mobile point of sale for face-to-face transactions
  • Consumer application for convenient purchasing and paying
  • Comprehensive order & inventory management to streamline all sales and order routing

Guests can now place orders, add to existing orders, and use Partake as a mobile wallet. Through our comprehensive mobile point of sale, businesses are able to streamline their operational and transactional procedures.

Why are we different?

We are a marketplace model

Our platform provides businesses access to a larger pool of potential customers; which in turn attracts new customers, enables Partake users to access new venues, and access to an omnichannel environment that gives users an all-encompassing purchasing environment.


American’s spend on average 37 billion hours waiting in line. Give your guests their time back!


Engage with your customers the right way! Access to your operations data is a powerful tool, however, if your data is not used properly it can hurt your business and your customers. The key to a personalized experience for your guests is using your data that best serves your operations!


Our goal is to not only increase your sales…but to increase sales in a connected environment for your guests. Did you know that guests with an omnichannel purchasing environment spend 3x more than guests with a single channel purchasing environment?

Workforce Efficiency

We provide your guests with convenience and make your operations seamless. Venue’s using partake have experienced improved labor efficiency by 50% with streamlined operations.

One System

Multiple integrations and multiple pieces of hardware can complicate your operations. Partake’s app marketplace allows third party vendors to not only integrate with our platform but manage everything from one system.

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